Generic issues and solutions

Since Yatse version 7.5.0 the remote control part of the application is now linked with the player you are connected to (Streaming).
This means that when you stream to a Chromecast or your local Android device, the remote part of the application is no more accessible as would not have any effect.
To control back your Media Center press the stop cast button.

Yatse needs to register some events for battery optimization for widgets (Like user is present, ...).
Due to the way Android works it will start Yatse each time those events occurs and it uses way more cpu and battery to start and close an app every time than having it in Android cache doing nothing.

So your Android system will start Yatse regularly it you use Widgets, notifications or Lockscreen controls but since Yatse is optimized if you don't use Widget or Notifications no CPU (and battery) will be used.

Unlike other OS, Android applications does not need to be closed and the OS have complex system to optimize things. If the phone need more resources inactive application will be killed.
Yatse is still ultra optimized and takes care of every bit or CPU and battery it can save. You can check your android battery usage report and you'll see how good Yatse is at this.

You can also read sites like Web article or Google documentation for explanation of why apps does not need Exit buttons.

If Yatse ask for Amazon then you have an Amazon version of Yatse installed on your device and not the normal Play Store version.
This happens usually when you have another store on your phone that replace your apps without your consent.
(Frequent issue with Chinese phones and Mi Apps or Meizu Store).
Just uninstall the bad app, install fresh from Play Store and disable updating from the other stores.

Yatse development is 100% user driven so your input is very important to us.
If you have needs not yet covered by the application or new ideas please make features requests on the issue tracker
All requests are studied and most that fit into Yatse global goal are accepted.

Installation error are generated by Play Store and out of control of application writers.
For this error see: XDA forums for one solution.
For all other cryptic code, just search google with your phone model and exact error code solutions.

When using Yatse option Lock Screen Controls it sometimes keep stealing Audio Focus.
The solution is to uncheck this option to avoid this problem.
The problem is that you cannot have 2 application at the same time with Audio Focus and Yatse needs to request it to display Lock Screen Controls. And this may conflict with a local audio player.

If you still have problems or do not understand this FAQ then please contact support with details and Debug logs.