Yatse vs Kore comparison


Yatse for Android was born in the end of 2011 and first present in Google Play Store in early 2012.
It was the successor of Yatse for Windows created in early 2010 and now Open Source with continued development as FrontView+ (https://github.com/Ghawken/FrontView).

Kore was born in early 2015 as an independent clone and only became official a few months later.


Yatse is currently rated 4.7 with about 65K ratings.
Kore is currently rated 4.4 with about 14K ratings.

Yatse have evolved a lot during it's long lifetime with more than 1.5 updates per month, each updates being driven by users need and feedback via multiple channels.
Kore have sparingly evolved with about 1 update per 5 months.

All Kore features were always first seen in Yatse.
Yatse provides a lot more options and features to fit every needs, but everything is always made to provide all the basic needs at the highest performance while staying simple and easy for all use cases.
Every options have studied default values to prevent the need to ever touch settings if not wanting to.

Yatse paid features are all optional and Yatse is fully functional without ads and time limits. Paid features where added to allow providing monthly updates since 7 years and professional fast support for all.
Yatse provides a complete Wiki with complete documentation and videos not only to configure Yatse but also for the more complex part Kodi.
Yatse provides fast professional support to all users via dedicated channels and tools like the issue tracker and performant debug logger.
Yatse is currently at 99,99% crash free sessions (100% for Android 5+) without known bugs, thanks to proper R.E.R.O. development principles. (Release Early, Release Often)
Yatse author have participated in Kodi JSON API definition and evolution with numerous patches and hundreds of hours of support in Kodi forums and Github.

Feature comparison

All features not annotated with Pro version are free, fully functional and without limits. Everything is documented and explained in the Wiki section of this website.

Remote Control4 optimized layouts1 condensed layoutPrevent miss click and ease navigation without watching device. Different layouts fit different users habits.
Gesture pad-Faster navigation without looking at device
Fast remote access-Swiping from outside right shows a remote panel to never interrupt your navigation flow
Custom commands-Unlimited custom commands for fast access all possible features of Kodi + Media Player Classic (Documentation)
Secure remote-Secure mode to disable most buttons for kids remote (With password protected settings)
Full virtual keyboard + paste functionOnly pasteSupport full virtual keyboard for faster text typing for those who prefers with direct access from the remote screen
Physical keyboard emulation-Keymap mode to simulate real keyboard and trigger Kodi special keymap functions (Those functions can be directly used in Yatse via Custom Commands too)
Remap remote buttons Pro version-Remap buttons to any custom command with custom icon to perfectly fit your needs (Up to 30 custom actions) (Documentation)
Now playingCEC compatible volume buttons-Allow control of volume in passthrough mode for compatible devices
Screen off volume control-Faster volume control without switching on the phone
Volume control outside application-Faster volume control without returning to the application
AV Receivers volume control Pro version-Control your AV receivers volume directly from Yatse via plugins for Yamaha, Onkyo, Integra, Denon, Marantz or UPnP receivers. (Including support for custom commands for example to switch on or off the receivers)
Always accessible full now playingVery few functions accessibleAllow full control from anywhere in the application to never stop your navigation flow
Configurable buttons-Configure your most used buttons in the collapsed now playing panel
Fast access to most audio settingsLimited functions requiring lot's of clickDirect fast control of audio stream, audio delay and volume amplification
Fast access to most subtitle settingsLimited functions requiring lot's of clickDirect fast control of subtitle stream, subtitles delay, download and precise subtitle positioning
Fast access to most video settings-Direct fast control of video stream, video speed (Atempo), aspect ratio, zoom, shift, 3D modes and pixel aspect ratio (Some options requires Kodi 17+)
Song rating-Rate the song your are listening for a more personalized experience
Reorder current playlist-No need to rebuild your full playlist if you have made a mistake
Share to social networks-For those who like to show what they are doing
PVRAdvanced channels listingBasic listingFast and easy filtering, sorting and searching of the channels
EPG in channels listsOnly program nameDisplay full information about current and next programs directly in channel lists
Full featured EPGLimited EPG listShow EPG in a calendar style view with full details about programs and easy viewing (With support for program timer recording)
Support recording timers-Add, remove or list all your timers to be sure to record what you want when you want. (Require Kodi 17+)
Configurable channel action-Configure your preferred action when clicking a channel like start playing or show EPG.
Virtual keypad-Includes a virtual keypad to quickly enter channel numbers like on a physical remote
Add-OnsComplete addons listingBasic listingFast and easy filtering, sorting and searching of the addons with different display types (list, grids, ...)
Favorite addons-Filter only the addons you use and love
Favorite addon content-Save internal addon path as favorites for faster access to the content you use most
FilesAdvanced file listingBasic listingFast and easy filtering, sorting and searching of your files with different display types (List, grids, ...)
Real files browsing-Support browsing your files like they are on your disk and not how Kodi have scraped them
Sort your files-Sort your files by 10 different criteria both ascending and descending
Kodi playlists-Support Kodi playlist with necessary hacks to play them on all Kodi versions
Kodi database and custom nodes-Allows browsing your data using the nodes you created
Favorites-Allow adding files and directory to Yatse favorites for fast access
Picture viewer-Include a complete picture viewer synchronized with Kodi for zooming and changing images
LibraryAdvanced library displayBasic library displaySupport up to 10 different display modes from simple list to detailed grid, fanarts or banners to fully enjoy your data like you meant it to be. (Demo video)
Advanced sortingBasic sortsSupport all the sorting you want both ascending and descending, with quick filters like in progress media
Full offline cacheOffline cacheProvide full image offline cache with pre fetching to be sure to have your complete library when offline
Advanced media download Pro versionBasic media downloadComplete integrated media download with all management and playing available directly from inside the application including support for external subtitles and with easy filtering to only see your offline media when not connected
Full support of all Kodi versions new metadata and functionsLimited supportYatse always support the old and latest Kodi version with necessary workarounds to ensure a smooth always working experience
Resume media-Continue watching your media where you stopped them
Watch trailers-Watch media trailers on your device or on Kodi
Smart filters-Filter your collection with any combination of filters like all movies with rating > 5 and year > 2000 with actor Brad Pitt (Demo video)
Global search-Search for media in your whole collection from a single point
Actor browsing-List all shows / movies by actor
Swipe browsing-When watching a media detail you can swipe left / right to switch to the other media from your selection without the need to go back and forth each time
Overview tabs-Quickly see your collection status with unfinished media, recently added or even suggestions to what to watch / listen next
Home section-Complete overview of all your library in a single point showing all the important things at one glance
Special seasons / episodes-Can show special episodes in normal listing if they have the proper meta data
Collection grouping-Support grouping movies by collection in main movie listing
Advanced music navigation-Propose lot's of way to navigate in your music collection including full support for compilation artists and guest appearance (Require Kodi 17+ for the last 2)
No spoiler-Have a no spoiler option to never be spoiled by a movie or episode plot before watching
Multi selection-Support selecting multiple media with long press to apply multiple actions in batch like playing, queuing or downloading
Queue next-Allows media to be played, queued and queued next to fully drive your current playlist
StreamAll streaming points requires Pro version
(Demo video)
-Allows streaming and cast from and to many different things with advanced features.
Complete advanced streamingVery limited video playing to local deviceAllow streaming from Kodi, Plex and Emby to Local device, Chromecast, Kodi, UPnP clients, Roku, Airplay (Including resuming, external subtitles, switch to UPnP for Kodi webserver issues all with proper handling and documentation for necessary Kodi settings and issues)
Complete cast-Allow casting from your local device to Chromecast, Kodi, UPnP clients, Roku, Airplay (Including external subtitles)
Streaming migration-Allow migrating what you are watching from any supported player to any other player including remaining playlist
External subtitles-Support external subtitles when streaming or casting to all players that support them
Audio player-Advanced internal audio player with support for gapless playback. (Can play media from all supported sources like Kodi, Plex, Emby or your local device)
Status update-Update your media center watched status and resume point when streaming or casting your media. Including when watching them offline, the status will be updated when connected back
Play offline-Full integration with Yatse offline cache for easy playing or casting when offline including updating watched status on reconnexion and external subtitles
Other4 themes Pro version4 themes4 full material design themes with unlimited accent color selection made by Liam Spradlin, a recognized designer that now works for Google. (Free version is limited to 1 theme and 3 accent color)
Call handlingCall handlingSupport pausing media and caller id display on Kodi (provided as a plugin to avoid requesting a permission that should not be needed for just a remote) Play Store
SMS handling-Support forwarding SMS to Kodi (provided as a plugin to avoid requesting a permission that should not be needed for just a remote) Play Store
Notification handling-Support forwarding notifications to Kodi (provided as a plugin to avoid requesting a permission that should not be needed for just a remote) Play Store
Settings for every needsVery few settings for simplicityProvides lots of settings to fit all users needs but with carefully chosen default values to fit the majority's needs and never requiring to mess with them (Documentation)
Complete send to KodiLimited sharingSupport sending Youtube to Kodi as Kore but also hundreds of other sites via a dedicated Kodi plugin, including support for metadata, no more ?play entries in playlist when you queue Youtube videos. With Pro version you can also send all your phone content or from other apps that support that
Phone wallpaper-Allow changing your phone wallpaper with the currenly playing media fanart or thumbnail
Widgets-Propose 11 different widgets to browse and control everything without the need to open the application (Description)
Quick settings tile-Propose 3 different Android 7.1 quick settings tile for fast access
Android Wear-Full support of Android Wear with a companion application
Android Audio-Full support of Android Auto
Media Player Classic-Full support of MPC and MPC HC as external players on Kodi
Muzei / DashClock-Provides extensions for Muzei and DashClock
Android 8-Full support of Android 8 notification channels and application shortcuts
Voice commands-Natural voice commands. Play media by saying for example "Play the next episode of the Simpsons" (Documentation)
API-Provides a complete API to allow other applications like Tasker to interact with Yatse and Kodi (Documentation). Pro version provides a Tasker plugin for easier API usage
Plugins API-Provides open sources API to allow any one to build AV receiver and Custom Commands plugins to extends Yatse (AV receiver plugins, Custom commands plugins)
HTTP commands-Support http(s) commands directly from Yatse for integration with home automation (Documentation)
DHCP hosts-Support reconnecting to hosts that change IP if Zeroconf is correctly working
Settings export-Support exporting settings and hosts to files / QR code for easy migration
Cloud Save Pro version-Support exporting settings, hosts and custom commands to the cloud for easy restoration and device migration (Documentation)
Emby server Pro version-Full native support for Emby server as Media Center including transcoding
Plex server Pro version-Full native support for Plex server as Media Center including transcoding
Kodi remote starter-Provide tools to start Kodi remotely directly from Yatse. (Including an optimized full low price app for Android box / Shield)