Yatse Tasker Plugin


Starting with version 8.3.0 Yatse now integrate a Tasker plugin for easy integration and automation. (Require Unlocker)
Yatse support a configurable event that allow you to react on status change inside Yatse:
• Media change
• Player status change
• Connection status change

The event will contains many Tasker variables to help you to react exactly to your needs.

Yatse also support 2 different task actions:
• Open a Yatse screen
• Send commands to Yatse.

Integration with Tasker and AutoVoice

With the plugin you can now easily send commands to Kodi via your Google Home, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa by linking Yatse and AutoVoice.
See the full tutorial on tasker forums.

The following Tasker variables are returned:
event: Int?
host_status: Boolean?
host_id: Long?
host_name: String?
is_active: Boolean?
is_playing: Boolean?
is_seeking: Boolean?
filename: String?
album: String?
artist: String?
title: String?
genre: String?
plot: String?
media_type: String?
imdb: String?
thumbnail: String?
track: Int?
rating: Double?
show_title: String?
show_episode: Int?
show_season: Int?

This task support opening:
• Remote screen
• Quick Host selection
• Movies
• Tv Shows
• Music
• Pictures
• Files
• Pvr TV
• Pvr Radio
• Volume Slide
• Voice Commands prompt

Send command

• playpause
• play
• pause
• stop
• rewind
• forward
• next
• previous
• subtitles
• quit
• togglemute
• mute
• unmute
• seek
• volume
• wol
• context
• back
• display
• system
• select
• up
• down
• left
• right
• power
• cectogglestate
• aspectratio
• info
• shutdown (3.9.6+)
• suspend (3.9.6+)
• reboot (3.9.6+)
• hibernate (3.9.6+)
• home (6.0.0+)
• cecon (7.7.0+)
• cecoff (7.7.0+)
• For commands seek / volume you must also pass the Int parameter with a value between 0 and 100

Remark: WOL command also start Kodi is you have a correctly configured XBMC Starter.

Custom commands

You must use the Int parameter to pass the custom command id.
This id can be seen when clicking on the 3 dots on a Custom Command listing inside Yatse.

Change Media Center

You must use the Int parameter to pass the media center id.
This id can be seen in all media center listing inside Yatse.

Play URI

The String parameter will contain the Uri.
It can contains Media Center specific Uri like: "plugins://....."

Change Renderer

The int parameter must contain the Renderer type:
• 1: Default Media Center
• 2: Local Device
• 3: Remote Media Center
• 4: UPnP Player
• 5: Airplay Player
• 6: Chromecast Player

For Renderer type 3 to 6 the String parameter contains the necessary information select the Renderer
• 3: String param contain the host id
• 4: String param contain the UDN
• 5: String param contains the Airplay key
• 6: String param contains the Chromecast Id

Send Notification

If you want to send a message containing a title and a message use the | separator.
For example : "Title|Message".

Parse voice command

The String parameter that will contain the sentence.
Yatse will then try to parse the sentence and start the correct action.
For example : "I want to listen to some lounge music.".

Start synchronisation

The String parameter that will contain the part you want to sync.
Sync commands are queued so you can send multiple ones they will be treated in order.
• Movie
• MovieSet
• Album
• Artist
• AudioGenre
• Song
• MusicVideo
• Show
• Episode