Yatse remote starter


Yatse offers different tools to allow starting Kodi remotely from it.
Since it require a server part, you need to install a small program or a script on the computer running Kodi.

See the section corresponding to the OS where your Kodi is running.

Once you have configured the server part, you need to update Yatse configuration to match the port.

Configure Yatse

You just need to edit your host, then change the value of the WOL port to match Android Remote Starter or Windows Remote Starter configuration.


Start Kodi remotely

You just need to press the power button if Kodi is completely off or the Wake On Lan option in the dialog that shows if Kodi is on.


If you want to bring Kodi in front, you can just press the Media Center icon in left menu then select Wake On Lan.

Download and install

First download the program: Download link
You need .Net 3.5 installed for the program to works.

Copy the executable to any directory you want on your computer.

Start and configure

Run the executable

Configure the few options:
• The Argument option is needed if you use Kodi in portable mode or use specific parameters. (Use -p for portable mode). You should leave this field empty for a default Kodi installation.
• The UDP port must be the same than the one configured in Yatse Wol Port for this Kodi Instance Please check that is port is not used by another software and that it's open in your Firewall. For Windows 7 / 8 users it's recommended to change the default value from 9 to a bigger value like 5600. (Do not forget to also change the value in Yatse)
• The Delayed start option is useful if you have for example a Wifi USB card that can take time to initialize on boot or a slow DHCP. The correct value will depends on your setup, increase the value until all works correctly.
Then click Save.

The program now runs in background and can be accessed by right clicking the Taskbar Icon.

From there you can change configuration or quit the program.

REMARK: Despite its name, this application is fully compatible with Kodi.

Download and install

The application is available on Google Play Store: Yatse Remote Starter
Once installed you need to start the application at least once to configure it and start it.
After initial configuration the server will automatically start on reboot and should always works.


Be sure to leave the enable server to On then configure the port.

• 1) Activate or disable the server
• 2) Select the port of the server, default value of 5600 should work for most, only change it if another application already use that port.
• 3) Select the application to start remotely. If you choose a Custom value then you need to enter the full application package name.
   For example for SPMC (Koying fork) old version you need to enter : com.semperpax.spmc

For linux you can try: Henk user contribution

For mac you can try the user contribution: Gonzalo user contribution