AI Voice Commands / Voice Controls

New Voice Command Engine

Starting with Yatse 8.3.5 a new powerful AI base Voice Command engine is in place. It currently support English and French but can be improved to support more languages:

Remember that those commands can be integrated in Google Home and Amazon Alexa thanks to Tasker/Autovoice.

This new engine is also a lot more flexible than current one, so do not hesitate to ask for new commands to be supported.

While the new engine is pretty smart, when using play XXX it's hard for the engine to guess the correct media type, when using watch or listen guessing is way easier and better.

Adding new languages

Danish / Dutch / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Portuguese (Brazilian) / Russian / Spanish / Swedish

If you want to contribute to build the perfect voice command handling see the attached Google Sheet file, and send back a copy for your language with the most possible examples.
Remember that this engine can be linked to Google Home and Amazon Alexa via Tasker and maybe one day natively.

Supported commands

Those are only limited sample, many more variations and sentences does work, and the agent will learn new ones the more you use it. (If some sentences does not work and continue to not work after a few days, please contact support with details)

- Next, Next episode, song ...
- Previous, Previous song, ....
- Play, Resume
- Pause
- Stop, ...
- WOL, Start Kodi, Start device
- skip 30 seconds
- fast forward to 1 hour and 10 minutes
- back 20 seconds
- rewind 10 minutes

- Search for movie Avatar
- Search the artist Toto
- Synchronise all, Synchronise movies

- Volume up, volume up by 30 percent
- Set the volume to 50
- Volume down, volume down to 10
- Mute, Silence, ...
- Unmute, sound on, ....

- Subtitles on
- Disable subtitles
- Next subtitle
- Download subtitles

- Play Avatar, Play the movie avatar
- Watch an horror movie, Watch a Comedy
- Play a random movie
- Resume last movie
- Resume Avatar

- Play the last Big Band Theory
- Play next Arrow
- Play episode 3 season 4 of arrow, ...
- play an episode from Big Band Theory, ...
- Resume last show, resume last episode, ...

- Play music, play random song
- Play some Jazz
- Play the album Sweet Dreams
- Listen to Kassav'
- Play the song Love Me Like You Do
- ...

- watch BBC channel
- start channel 10
- next channel
- previous channel

How to use

Voice commands can be started in a lot of way:

  • In the application : Press the microphone icon in the left menu (near to Remote button)
  • You can add a Voice Commands widgets to your home screen for direct action
  • If you are using Jelly Bean you can set Voice Commands to replace the Google now shortcut (swipe up of the home virtual Android button).
  • You can also use the api to start it from other apps (See Api - Use Yatse from other applications (Ex: Tasker))

Old engine

If your language is not yet supported, Yatse may still provide the old engine. See Voice Commands

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