I've bought Yatse but it is asking me to buy again

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There are a few different types of Unlocker that enable all application options in Yatse. Whichever one has been purchased, your license is a permanent one and there's never any need to buy a new one to keep the same level of functions.


  • Yatse supports multiple kinds of Unlockers that work differently depending on where and when your made your purchase.
  • Licences purchased on the Google Play Store are tied to your Google account, so will work on any device using the same account.
  • If you bought the unlocker as a seperate Google Play app (Legacy Unlocker), you'll need to continue to use it as there's no way to transfer the license to In App licence.
  • Legacy Unlocker unlocks exactly the same features and will continue to be supported for previous buyers. You just need to continue to install Legacy Unlocker when you change your phone or reset it.

First thing to do is to identify the type of Unlocker you have bought: (You can access your order history at if you have lost the purchasing email)

  • Google Play Store In-App: This is the most common type of Unlocker if you bought Yatse after July 2014.
    It appears on your Google wallet as: Yatse Unlocker (Yatse, the XBMC / Kodi Remote) or Yatse Unlocker (Yatse, the Kodi Remote)
  • Google Play Store Legacy Unlocker: This unlocker was used as an external application when Yatse was first created. It's still supported but should no longer be purchased for new users.
    You probably have this unlocker if you purchased it a very long time ago. (It appears on your Google wallet as just: Yatse Unlocker)
  • Amazon Store In-App: This is the only unlocker available on Amazon store
  • Paypal Unlocker: This is the unlocker bought from our website when you do not trust Google Play Store. It is however recommended that you use the Google Play Store In-App for both ease of use and a little lower price.

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