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# Status Subject Tracker Author
1317NewPlex librariesSupportJoel
1294NewPlex Authentication using plex.tvSupportFrom
1269NewI can't find the option to enable the playlist tab with my plex server. :/SupportCynwrig
1226NewIs it Possible to make playlists avaiable offlineSupportGary
1178Newm3u Playlists on Local DeviceSupporteLr0n
1112NewEmby resume issueSupportAndy
789Newcasting to chromecast audio stops after varying number of songs SupportGeorg
284NewMusic Library (Cuesheet + single-file FLAC image): only able to play back the first songSupportAri
1319NewStopped working after the newest versionBugMichael
1238NewWhen playing media from emby to chromecast position seeking is not possible.BugBjörn
695NewWallpaper not reverting back on N after Yatse sets FanartBugPhil
500NewYamaha Receiver plugin doesn't handle DSP mode switch properlyBugKonstantin
1313NewLarger or Scaling Remote Control Buttons on 'Now Playing' ScreenFeatureAaron
1309NewAdd option to disable muting on notification/camera for local playerFeatureDundy
1308NewDatabase modificatiesFeatureWard
1302NewAndroid TV Remote CompatibilityFeatureEelim
1292NewInstant mix option in emby music library?FeatureFrederick
1286NewPlease add fanart grid view to artists in music sectionFeaturemohamed
1283NewPersistent local playlistFeatureYa
1268NewMake Unwatched Items Available Offline FeatureAdrian
1261NewPlaylist - saving for future useFeatureGoran
1251NewRemember location and history across restartsFeatureAndrew
1245NewPath to store offline mediaFeatureStijn
1227NewPlease add fanart backdrop of movies and music to chromecastFeaturemohamed
1218NewRating of Albums and of Songs from Album and Song listsFeatureAri
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