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# Status Subject Tracker Author
1335Closed[Feature Request] Add shortcut on home screen to single itemFeatureDarren
1333ClosedOption to map hardware volume buttons to remote custom commands, or volume button assignment in remoteFeatureRubin
1327ClosedFeature Request - Lock Yaste to Landscape displayFeatureAaron
1323ClosedSearch results don't include details (e.g. albums or songs)FeatureMarkus
1316ClosedFeature requestFeatureanouar
1314ClosedOpen 'Now PlayingFeatureAaron
1313ClosedLarger or Scaling Remote Control Buttons on 'Now Playing' ScreenFeatureAaron
1309ClosedAdd option to disable muting on notification/camera for local playerFeatureDundy
1303ClosedYatse "Call" plugin "auto-resume" should be smarter (only resume playback if it had previously paused it)FeatureAri
1296ClosedBackup custom commandsFeatureChris
1288ClosedShow Start & End Time on PVR Channel Info ScreenFeatureB
1287ClosedVolume button assignmemtFeatureDan
1286ClosedPlease add fanart grid view to artists in music sectionFeaturemohamed
1285ClosedAdd support for export librariesFeaturePaul
1284ClosedCurrent Time of WidgetFeatureJoseph
1282ClosedShow available languages of audio and subtitlesFeaturedeine
1279ClosedPlease save offline files not as cash filesFeaturemohamed
1277ClosedAdd url as host instead of IP addressFeatureJoachim
1271ClosedChange device when connect to wifi associatedFeaturePablo
1259ClosedManage video tagsFeatureAndy
1246ClosedMap custom command to power optionFeatureNorien
1240ClosedIssue Request - iPhoneFeatureZeke
1237ClosedMovie and show widgetFeaturejeroen
1236ClosedShow link to Film SetFeatureDaniel
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