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1324ClosedGlobal Search: broken UI - icons overlayed by Android navigation iconsBugMarkus
1319ClosedStopped working after the newest versionBugMichael
1262ClosedNow Playing Screen doesn't respect Nav Bar heightBugPhil
1256ClosedSubtitles not available when casting offline media to ChromecastBugFrançois
1254ClosedBug when reloading seriesBugFabien
1244Closed[8.1.8] Constant returning Notification on Android 8.1BugPhil
1220ClosedRefreshing the episode list and then choose an episode and navigating back brings random TV shows into listBugMichael
1197ClosedBug in main windowBugDan
1186ClosedPb de licenceBugRabillard
1180ClosedMovies in Collections (Sets) do not display properly on the "Recently added movies" screenBugNed
1174ClosedTurning a device's screen back on after a long period of time won't display the playback buttons for the currently playing media.BugJason
1150ClosedYatse only plays single songs, skip no longer worksBugfer
1142ClosedKodi does not play next songs automatically when playback started from Yatse Music LibraryBugMax
1097Closedptoblem with search in youtube addonBugMichał
1094ClosedYatse notification doesn't work on Android OreoBugKirill
1081ClosedTv shows not syncing into YatseBugBob
1080ClosedFavorits screen on Android runs un an errorBugGerhard
1060Closed3D MoviesBugMarco
1034ClosedTags - No sorting by name under certain conditionBugRayk
1029ClosedSmart Filter Scrolling ListBugChris
1017ClosedSync Error with Emby Shows (Null Pointer Exception)BugJanik
995ClosedPvr channel list probemBugPhiliippe
991Closed[PVR] No more channel Number in listBugDario
989Closed[Video queue] Bugged item titles visualizationBugDario
988Closedemby music downloads fail - video downloads don't!?Bugbizr
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