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1331ClosedFavourites emptySupportPhil
1329ClosedYatse helper script for Kodi errorSupportAlex
1328ClosedCan't use Now Playing Overlay on Phone's with soft buttonsSupportAaron
1326ClosedSpecial Characters (Mötley Crüe)SupportJeff
1325ClosedSongs without album are not shownSupportKonstantin
1322ClosedNow Playing Bar visible below NavbarSupportPhil
1321ClosedAddon on Leia +rpiSupportFrédéric
1320Closedsync button on the show widget seems to update the movie widget (android)Supportjeroen
1318ClosedCannot see subtitles when casting to Kodi on RPi3 from Android using Yatse.SupportPhil
1317NewPlex librariesSupportJoel
1315ClosedQ: Sharing a complete playlist takes a very long time.Supportwhite_rabbit
1312ClosedSidebar in multi window modeSupportHans-Peter
1311ClosedVimeo link sharing from chrome browser to yatse app partly doesnt't workSupportA
1310ClosedShow show name in addition to eposide name on Recently Added screenSupportMaarten
1306ClosedYatse Onkyo Plugin: Input and Woolfer Name and Parameters ?SupportRobert
1304ClosedSongtext 2nd trySupportStefan
1301ClosedCannot play (stream or locally) music files in ALAC formatSupportMike
1300Closederror opening yatse kodi addon!SupportAnssi
1298ClosedFails to stream radio web site to KodiSupportFrançois
1297ClosedYatse Kodi helper script error when open*SupportA
1295ClosedPlease fix sorting not savedSupportmohamed
1294ClosedPlex Authentication using plex.tvSupportFrom
1293ClosedSpecials are not displayed in correct order.SupportNed
1291ClosedRemote arrows missing until a file is played.SupportMark
1290ClosedDifference between Enqueue and Play the first videoSupportwhite_rabbit
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