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# Status Subject Tracker Author
1009ClosedYatse Call plugin resumes already paused media on hang upSupportMatthew
1007NewCan't connect via WLAN SupportPatrick
1006NewFailure to syncSupportLee
1005NewCrash when transitioning from show list to show detail viewSupportKevin
1003ClosedLog into EmbySupportRichard
1001ClosedYatse battery drain while inactive (possibly caused by the UPnP plugin)SupportA
993Closedyatse and rasplexSupportPrzemek
990ClosedNo remote on start upSupportDavid
986ClosedAfter update to 7.5 the filter "Album artist only" does not work correctlySupportAbc
981NewBlack poster in widgetSupportLuca
976Closedstreaming media via external networkSupportFrederick
974ClosedUnsupported media fileSupportGeorgette
971ClosedUsing same device for Yatse and KodiSupportcono
969ClosedCant get Yatse app to function with Kodi app on the same android device.Supportcono
968ClosedUnable to purchase unlockerSupportJosefine
966ClosedMusic artists only on compilations appearing in artists listSupportAengus
965ClosedButton für FernbedienungSupportDaniel
964ClosedSpotify plugin: back navigation leaves Kodi dialog on the screenSupportGábor
962Closedconfigure widgetsSupportFrank
961Closed[UPnP] Yatse/Kodi not showing right Title/FilenameSupportDario
960ClosedPower and sound mute buttons on widget SupportPeter
959ClosedUnable to connectSupportM
958ClosedUsability over VPN without Wi-FiSupportTimothy
954ClosedUnlocker stopped working after updating to android 7.1.1SupportLeo
950Closednotting workSupportdanny
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