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1268NewMake Unwatched Items Available Offline FeatureAdrian
1261NewPlaylist - saving for future useFeatureGoran
1259ClosedManage video tagsFeatureAndy
1251NewRemember location and history across restartsFeatureAndrew
1246ClosedMap custom command to power optionFeatureNorien
1245NewPath to store offline mediaFeatureStijn
1240ClosedIssue Request - iPhoneFeatureZeke
1237ClosedMovie and show widgetFeaturejeroen
1236ClosedShow link to Film SetFeatureDaniel
1232ClosedMusic Videos sorted by Track numberFeatureDaniel
1231ClosedPossibility to set repeat counter for custom commands FeatureDaniel
1230Closedadd option to override "WiFi is not connected" logicFeatureDavid
1229ClosedLibrary update intentFeatureJasse
1227NewPlease add fanart backdrop of movies and music to chromecastFeaturemohamed
1222ClosedAndroid Auto for remote video tablet controlFeatureMathew
1218NewRating of Albums and of Songs from Album and Song listsFeatureAri
1216NewDolby Atmos & HDR iconsFeatureBastian
1214NewFeature request for PVRFeatureYevgeniy
1212ClosedPlease add size more tgan 120% for chromecast subtitlesFeaturemohamed
1211NewPlease add backdrop for artists in chromecastFeaturemohamed
1201ClosedSmart filter by audio/subtitle languageFeatureAlexander
1199NewSamsung Smartwatch OS TizenFeatureRSR
1198NewSmart Playlists based on watch data (similar to LazyTV for Kodi)FeatureApostol
1192ClosedPlease add option to increase size of subtitle for chromecastFeaturemohamed
1191Closedlibrary databaseFeatureAndy
1181ClosedFeature request call pluginFeaturegeorge
1179ClosedCustom CommandsFeatureMartijn
1173ClosedAlbum artFeatureJohn
1167ClosedWidgets FeatureDavid
1166ClosedWidgets FeatureDavid
1165ClosedFourth option for aading only the selecetd song to an empty queueFeatureWalter
1148NewOffline Mode for Music PlaylistsFeaturePatrick
1146ClosedBibliothek über yatseFeatureHorst
1141ClosedPlease make it possible to play local videoFeatureOlaf
1139ClosedSearch by actor for movies and tv showsFeatureDanny
1136NewPlease add pictures in main menuFeaturemohamed
1135ClosedMusic videos search by artistFeatureDaniel
1134ClosedAccess to remote while local castingFeatureBob
1132ClosedAccess to remote while local castingFeatureBob
1131NewSave current queue as playlist (in Music, basically)FeatureHappy
1130ClosedDisconnect Yatse without needing to delete host.FeatureFoo
1123ClosedAutomatically select available MediacenterFeaturemartin
1121ClosedBuilt in "feedback" eventsFeatureGeorge
1120ClosedSamsung Galaxy Gear support (tizen)FeatureS
1119ClosedButton for Kodi favouriteFeatureAndreas
1118NewCloud save favoritesFeatureAndreas
1116NewLive tv picons portraitFeatureChistoph
1115ClosedDisplay "Album Artists" tab for EmbyFeatureCyril
1111NewAdding TAGs from within YatseFeatureMark
1109ClosedJump to other artist albums, songs or similar genre albums when playingFeatureHappy
1101NewPlay file from NFS share through intentFeatureFrancois
1100ClosedMark multiple files as Watched (file mode)FeatureFrancois
1092NewDownload now playingFeaturejouke
1091ClosedSAMBA supportFeatureDzo
1089ClosedSort by parental ratingFeatureMike
1088ClosedAdd "Number of episodes" to "Order by" in Shows tabFeatureFernando
1087NewiOS support/portFeatureRoni
1085ClosedAdd support for custom HTTP command to use the currently connected hostFeatureDan
1084ClosedAdd "play from here" function to episode detail screenFeatureClemens
1083ClosedVideo on TV, Audio through phone remote?FeatureJeff
1082ClosedYatse as virtual game controller for RetroPlayerFeaturemuehlmeyer
1074ClosedKodi login profiles. Spotify Android stream to Kodi.Featurefille
1072ClosedAdditional shortcut request.FeatureRobert
1068ClosedOption to mask FTP password in the movie detailsFeatureDaniel
1062ClosedAdd option to hide the progressbar in the bottom barFeatureSilva
1061ClosedVoice NavigationFeatureLuke
1059NewAndroid Wear: Share to YatseFeatureChristian
1055ClosedVolume boost optionFeatureYedidya
1053ClosedAdd "Download" to the Vertical ellipsis / Dango menu when viewing the list of episodes/moviesFeatureBob
1050ClosedReplace Text with IconsFeatureDima
1048ClosedCEC commands in the APIFeatureZsolt
1047NewCustom Command Editor for pcFeaturetere
1046NewShare configurationsFeaturetere
1045ClosedCustom Commands WidgetFeaturetere
1042ClosedLarger font size and Live TV tabFeatureChristian
1041ClosedVPN access via Yatse to KodiFeatureNick
1038ClosedAdd subtitle button to be able to quickly turn on/off subtitleFeatureTyler
1028ClosedMusic player functiobalityFeatureJoachim
1027ClosedPersonal RatingsFeatureChristof
1026ClosedTwo spaces in the filter stringFeatureDima
1023NewSqueezebox SupportFeatureHanspeter
1019ClosedAdding sources from yatseFeatureRonan
1018ClosedPlaying audio only via phone for earphone use(like roku remote) FeatureRyan
1015ClosedVolUp/VolDown buttons improvementsFeatureDima
1012ClosedSort channels featureFeatureIhar
1010ClosedNotification shadeFeatureHaji
1002ClosedMake network players a configuration, not a one-time discovery (or both)FeatureA
1000ClosedListening through phoneFeatureCHRISTOPHER
999ClosedEnd time of playlistFeatureKevin
997ClosedFeature request a la sonosFeatureClinton
996ClosedPVR toggleFeatureKal
984ClosedCreate commands to send hotkeys to mpc FeatureGael
982NewBetter Chromecast Layout.FeatureZelaf
980ClosedChange volume (hardware) buttons actionFeatureguilherme
979NewFile location to side barFeatureColin
978NewDownload manager Wifi onlyFeatureSplendid
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