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1317NewPlex librariesSupportJoel
1313NewLarger or Scaling Remote Control Buttons on 'Now Playing' ScreenFeatureAaron
1309NewAdd option to disable muting on notification/camera for local playerFeatureDundy
1308NewDatabase modificatiesFeatureWard
1302NewAndroid TV Remote CompatibilityFeatureEelim
1294NewPlex Authentication using plex.tvSupportFrom
1292NewInstant mix option in emby music library?FeatureFrederick
1286NewPlease add fanart grid view to artists in music sectionFeaturemohamed
1283NewPersistent local playlistFeatureYa
1269NewI can't find the option to enable the playlist tab with my plex server. :/SupportCynwrig
1268NewMake Unwatched Items Available Offline FeatureAdrian
1261NewPlaylist - saving for future useFeatureGoran
1251NewRemember location and history across restartsFeatureAndrew
1245NewPath to store offline mediaFeatureStijn
1238NewWhen playing media from emby to chromecast position seeking is not possible.BugBjörn
1227NewPlease add fanart backdrop of movies and music to chromecastFeaturemohamed
1226NewIs it Possible to make playlists avaiable offlineSupportGary
1218NewRating of Albums and of Songs from Album and Song listsFeatureAri
1216NewDolby Atmos & HDR iconsFeatureBastian
1214NewFeature request for PVRFeatureYevgeniy
1211NewPlease add backdrop for artists in chromecastFeaturemohamed
1199NewSamsung Smartwatch OS TizenFeatureRSR
1198NewSmart Playlists based on watch data (similar to LazyTV for Kodi)FeatureApostol
1178Newm3u Playlists on Local DeviceSupporteLr0n
1148NewOffline Mode for Music PlaylistsFeaturePatrick
1136NewPlease add pictures in main menuFeaturemohamed
1131NewSave current queue as playlist (in Music, basically)FeatureHappy
1118NewCloud save favoritesFeatureAndreas
1116NewLive tv picons portraitFeatureChistoph
1112NewEmby resume issueSupportAndy
1111NewAdding TAGs from within YatseFeatureMark
1101NewPlay file from NFS share through intentFeatureFrancois
1092NewDownload now playingFeaturejouke
1087NewiOS support/portFeatureRoni
1059NewAndroid Wear: Share to YatseFeatureChristian
1047NewCustom Command Editor for pcFeaturetere
1046NewShare configurationsFeaturetere
1023NewSqueezebox SupportFeatureHanspeter
982NewBetter Chromecast Layout.FeatureZelaf
979NewFile location to side barFeatureColin
978NewDownload manager Wifi onlyFeatureSplendid
930NewGoogle Assistant integrationFeatureColin
926NewLaunch CinemavisionFeatureStefan
923NewIgnore article during sort not working in album and song view when sorting by artistFeatureKilian
904NewMake settings searchableFeatureDaniel
888NewNew style home screen widgetFeatureJohn
837NewMusik Playlist - Contextmenü "als nächstes Spielen" (nicht per verschieben)FeatureDavid
813NewSupport for Google Daydream VRFeatureJoshua
797NewBack button for wearable app.FeatureTomi
789Newcasting to chromecast audio stops after varying number of songs SupportGeorg
786NewAccessing videos when viewing pictures through Yatse File BrowserFeatureJessie
771NewMusic playlist burger dotsFeatureBjorn
752NewPvr channels favoritsFeatureDima
695NewWallpaper not reverting back on N after Yatse sets FanartBugPhil
672NewLeft panel shows even custom Menu items created by userFeatureNir
670Newwindows portFeatureJohn
666Newdownload all posters at lib syncFeatureben
658NewLocal playlistsFeatureMarcelo
627NewRemove from libraryFeatureAbbes
596New Seconds between each image slideshowFeatureIntel
577NewExpand "Watch Random" Audio Command - TV Shows + Within GenreFeatureJoel
548NewAlbum cover and artist fanart on ChromecastFeaturejezza
535NewWhen trying to download movies consisting of two parts ( cd1, cd2) download fail Featuremohamed
521NewSave sort order independently for Files/PlaylistsFeatureJoe
513NewYatse Call Plugin: Check playback state before starting playbackFeatureJa
500NewYamaha Receiver plugin doesn't handle DSP mode switch properlyBugKonstantin
493NewCinema ExperienceFeatureLee
455NewImproved Android wear supportFeatureNathan
453NewScreen MirroringFeatureMichael
427NewBrowing on Composer tagFeatureJan
419NewSupport For Samsung Galaxy Edge PanelsFeatureGavin
406NewPlay on Media Center and Queue on Media Center not working from Pocket CastsFeatureAri
404NewSleep timerFeatureOle
394NewAdd Bose SoundTouch 30 system as a playerFeatureJan
353New[PVR] EPG-Guide overview like the Guide-view in KodiFeatureRalf
344NewThe ability to sort and save playlistsFeatureQuinton
321NewVolume widgetFeatureYaargla
313NewPVR: replace playlist by channel programming Featuremiky
287NewCall Plugin settings - make the moment choosable, Yatse pauses (or what is set) KodiFeatureKuddel
284NewMusic Library (Cuesheet + single-file FLAC image): only able to play back the first songSupportAri
266NewShake pour un film non vu aleatoireFeatureJeremie
252NewFunctionally for manual refresh of Android media storeFeatureHåkon
196NewProfile SwitcherFeaturePeter
179NewNew Receiver Plugin Event - Start of play with media type being playedFeatureNicholas
146NewCustom Commands device specific.FeatureHans
120Newir commandFeaturestephane
113NewPVR Streaming LocallyFeatureStephan
104NewAutomatic Update of database (movies, tv episodes) including offline imagesFeatureHolger
82NewStream only audio of a movie to local YatseFeatureFreek
61NewSupport for various cloud hosting sources (Dropbox, Box, etc)FeatureA
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