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658NewLocal playlistsFeatureMarcelo
627NewRemove from libraryFeatureAbbes
596New Seconds between each image slideshowFeatureIntel
577NewExpand "Watch Random" Audio Command - TV Shows + Within GenreFeatureJoel
548NewAlbum cover and artist fanart on ChromecastFeaturejezza
541NewFeature request voice control: "continue" watching ... FeatureWasnt
535NewWhen trying to download movies consisting of two parts ( cd1, cd2) download fail Featuremohamed
521NewSave sort order independently for Files/PlaylistsFeatureJoe
513NewYatse Call Plugin: Check playback state before starting playbackFeatureJa
500NewYamaha Receiver plugin doesn't handle DSP mode switch properlyBugKonstantin
493NewCinema ExperienceFeatureLee
455NewImproved Android wear supportFeatureNathan
453NewScreen MirroringFeatureMichael
427NewBrowing on Composer tagFeatureJan
419NewSupport For Samsung Galaxy Edge PanelsFeatureGavin
406NewPlay on Media Center and Queue on Media Center not working from Pocket CastsFeatureAri
404NewSleep timerFeatureOle
394NewAdd Bose SoundTouch 30 system as a playerFeatureJan
353New[PVR] EPG-Guide overview like the Guide-view in KodiFeatureRalf
344NewThe ability to sort and save playlistsFeatureQuinton
335Newconfigureable player on KodiFeatureroy
321NewVolume widgetFeatureYaargla
313NewPVR: replace playlist by channel programming Featuremiky
287NewCall Plugin settings - make the moment choosable, Yatse pauses (or what is set) KodiFeatureKuddel
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