Yatse 8.2.0 released

Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast for Android
Added by Tolriq 4 months ago

Introducing Yatse Kodi Add-On that will help bypassing JSON limitations and bugs. As it can't be an official plugin this means users needs to manually install it.

See for installation guide and to contribute translations or ideas / code.

  • Added: The Add-On allow selection of shared magnet link player.
  • Added: The Add-On allow resolution of many previously non supported shared links.
  • Added: Allow remapping of the power button.
  • Added: Better handling of non square posters in Android 8+ notifications.
  • Fixed: Workaround for Chromecast undocumented change that broke playlists.
  • Fixed: Issues with voice commands.
  • Fixed: External subtitles when streaming to Chromecast / UPnP from offline downloaded media.
  • Fixed: Small reported issues and performance improvements.

  • Temporary disabling Android Auto support due to Google bot bug. Should be back soon.

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