Yatse 8.1.0 released

Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast for Android
Added by Tolriq 5 months ago

Happy New Year to all Yatse users. Be ready for a new year (7th already) full of new features to fit all the needs you could dream of.

  • Changed: Wear app is now unbundled from Yatse and updated to better support Wear 2.0. Yatse is now smaller at the expanse of longer install time to Wear 1.x watches.
  • Changed: Many internal changes to Overview screens that will serve as future base. Please report any oddities in those.
  • Added: New smart filters on audio and subtitles language.
  • Added: Auto detection of Kodi running in HTTPS from wizard no more need to go to advanced settings. (Please note that HTTPS does not fix current Kodi security issues and does not make you safe to open Kodi to Internet at all)
  • Fixed: Most reported issues and tons of optimizations.

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