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Ignore article during sort not working in album and song view when sorting by artist

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Observed bug:

The option to ignore articles ("The", etc.) during sort does not work in music/album view and music/song view when sorting by artist. Instead, all albums (or songs, respectively) by artists with an artist's name starting with "The" are grouped together just where "The" would belong when not being ignored.

The advanced option to secondarily sort by year (in album view) doesn't seem to have any impact on that.

Additional information:

In music/artist view, ignoring of the article works as expected.

Expected behavior:

Albums (or songs) are sorted by name of artist while ignoring any leading article ("The", etc.) in the artist's name when sorting by artist in music/album (or song) view when the option to ignore article during sort is activated.

Quite possibly, other combinations are affected as well. Haven't checked them all. Not sure whether ignoring of article is supposed to also work on song title names. At the moment, it seems not have any effect when sorting by song name.


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Well yes this is a known current limitation.

Yatse sort on display artist that is stored directly on the table for performance issues.

Not a lot that can be done without speed / storage impacts.

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