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Yatse and pelisalacarta problem

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Hello, I have problems with the addon: pelisalacarta with kodi 17.1 RC1

In this link you can download it to test version 4.2 beta 3:


The problem I have is the following:

When I want to see a movie in pelisalacarta (kodi) I get the list of movies:


And when I choose one to see, I should appear the list of servers to choose from which server I want to see the movie.


But yatse tries to play the movie (in the movie list), and does not display the list of servers.


In the web interface of chorus 2 of kodi works well as in the kodi:



Is this a yatse bug?

Thank you.


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This is an addon bug. Just check file mode in filters to behave in limited mode like others.

#2 Updated by Intel about 1 year ago

Hi, thanks for answering, but I do not understand you very well.

I have activated / deactivated the file mode in the filter, but I do not see the difference. I do not understand the limited mode



Can you please tell me what is the difference between activating / deactivating file mode in filters?

And you can also tell me what is the addon bug? To talk also with the developers of pelisalacarta?


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Well as always logs :

But I guess the addons says that the media are playable and not directory.

There's no API inside Kodi to deal with addons.

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