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New style home screen widget

Added by John about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.



Currently there are two home screen widget styles:

A) one with a Play/Pause bar + Volume + thumbnail

B) the other with navigational arrows.

What would be ideal for me is one with a Play/Pause bar + Volume + navigational arrows. So it would be a hybrid of the two, removing the thumbnail and replacing it with navigational arrows.

Currently I have to devote an entire homescreen and use BOTH widgets (See attached screenshot).

Would it be possible to create another widget option that has the Play/Pause + Volume + navigational arrows?

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#1 Updated by Tolriq about 1 year ago

Well there's no plan for that, most people use the notification to manage now playing media.

And you can use the API to create widget with things like Zooper and equivalent tools.

#2 Updated by John about 1 year ago

I've tried using the Notification with Now Playing media, but since I use Yatse (Unlocked) as a substitute for my remote, I need the navigational arrows. I find the home screen widget to be easier to access than opening the full app. However, I currently have to use TWO of your widgets in order to get basic Play/Pause + Navigation. It seems like a widget with Play/Pause + Navigation arrows would be pretty popular if you gave users the option.

If you took the widget that has the thumbnail, deleted the thumbnail, and replaced it with navigation arrows, that's all I would need.

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