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Play on Media Center and Queue on Media Center not working from Pocket Casts

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Using "Pocket Casts" as pod-catcher (one of the most popular podcast catchers for Android).

Selecting any podcast, and then clicking on "Share", I can see Yatse's options for "Play on Media Center" and "Queue on Media Center".

Selecting either produces no result. Nothing is played back, nothing is queued.

When selecting other apps, the Share works fine, for example:

  • selecting Share to "BubbleUPNP" (and configuring Kodi as the DLNA renderer) the podcast actually plays back.

  • selecting GMAIL, the podcast URL is inserted in an email.

If in Share I select "copy to clipboard" I can see that the following is in the clipboard

(for example):

Looking into BubbleUPNP, I can see that BubbleUPNP translates that in an URL to an mp3 file that it can then playback through Kodi.

Hoping Yatse handler could do the same. Playing back podcasts is a pretty common use case.

I can't find anything in Yatse's log telling that it received info from the "Play on Media Center" handler, so the problem could be that handler.

yatse debug - share not working.log View (60.3 KB) Ari, 03/02/2016 11:03 PM


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Well from the logs Yatse does it's job by sending the correct sent URL to Kodi :

So this is not a bug on Kodi side. It seems you want some special treatment for this particular website to find the mp3.

It's normally Kodi addons job to do that. But it seems there's no addon for this website.

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