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Option to map hardware volume buttons to remote custom commands, or volume button assignment in remote

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Hi there, paying Yatse user.

I've got a Vizio sound bar. It's on my network and has some clunky (but works) API to do things like command a volume up or down. Currently I can interface with it by jumping into either the Vizio Smartcast app (via API), or my Harmony app (via IR commands from my Harmony Hub).

Playing around this weekend I've been able to add in a couple custom commands in Yatse to signal the sound bar to volume up/down from within the app, and assigned them to the volume up/down buttons on the remote screen. It works great, however there's approximately a 3 second delay on sending the commands that I'm trying to still debug.

It would be wonderful if I could also have an option to map the physical hardware volume up and down buttons on my phone or tablet to these custom commands, or more simply, to whatever the volume up and down buttons are mapped to in the remote screen.

I asked over Twitter about this but thought it best to file a ticket. Thanks!


#1 Updated by Rubin 9 days ago

I'd be happy to donate a couple cups of coffee or glasses of beer into the development of this feature, especially if there's a bit of speed up with the lag I'm experiencing sending the custom commands. Thank you. :)

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Well the proper way to manage this is by creating a plugin with

As I do not own this device I can't really do it :( But if you have some basic coding knowledge it's relatively easy, users have made plugins for other devices already. with one open source

#3 Updated by Rubin 9 days ago

I appreciate the response.

I've already got this working with two simple HTTPS PUT custom commands and don't need anymore support for it through an extra plugin. The feature request is specifically for being able to remap what the hardware volume buttons do (much in the same way one can with some limited options remap what the action button does). I understand that could be achieved through a plugin, however it would be nice if that was simply built into the main app, as I'm sure other folks have other similar custom commands they wouldn't mind being able to have direct access to via the hardware buttons, it being either the volume buttons or action button.


#4 Updated by Tolriq 9 days ago

This is not possible and the plugin system is here specifically for your need.

Hardware volume buttons works outside of Yatse via system things, Yatse control volumes of tons of different things in tons of different ways with lot's of specific options.

Sending your 2 commands in a plugin is 2 lines of code and press install in Android Studio the sample plugin already have everything.

Adding what you ask is tons of code, tons of problems and infinite support after for people who do not understand that some options are not compatible between them.

There's already plugins for all common AV receiver brands so no there's not a tons of users with your need.

But if there's a lot of users with the same sound bar then you could sell the plugin as the denon plugin writer chose to.

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