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Can't use Now Playing Overlay on Phone's with soft buttons

Added by Aaron 17 days ago. Updated 4 days ago.



See screenshots... when the Android OS uses soft buttons that slide up from bottom edge swipe - you cannot 'pull' up the Yatse Now Playing Overlay because the OS intercepts the swipe.

Please provide an option to use a left or right swipe that opens Now Playing

thank you

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#1 Updated by Tolriq 17 days ago

Well I'm sorry but this soft button things is not an Android thing it's something specific to your ROM that is badly coded.

The panel does respect fitsystemwindows if your tool does not correctly manage that then the tool needs to be fixed.

#2 Updated by Tolriq 4 days ago

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#3 Updated by Aaron 4 days ago

Tolriq... It IS an "Android thing" ... called a Navigation Bar. I do not have a custom rom or a custom app doing this.

All modern phones are removing physical navigation buttons and Android OS has soft buttons built in. The OS has an option to hide the buttons to increase usable screen space.

Here's the info...

Please provide an option to use left or right swipe. That will fix the problem on EVERY Android phone that uses soft buttons... which started becoming a normal thing in 2016.


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