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Instant mix option in emby music library?

Added by Frederick 2 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.



There's an instant mix option in emby music library but I can't find this or a similar functionality in yatse at the moment. Sorry if it's already been implemented or has been discussed before, but haven't been able to find it yet.


#1 Updated by Tolriq 2 months ago

No idea what it is :) So I suppose it's not there ;)

#2 Updated by Frederick 2 months ago

The Instant mix button in Emby (it's
probably a server functionality but not sure) creates a smart playlist based on the song, artist or album currently being selected. It would be really nice to have in yatse, too.

#3 Updated by Tolriq 2 months ago

Well smart is kinda vague :)

Do you know the criterias?

#4 Updated by Frederick 2 months ago

I assume it uses the genre tag, but didn't research it much. It just works in emby and the results are ok. I'm not asking to recreate this functionality in yatse, only to be able to access it from yatse, if possible of course.

#5 Updated by Tolriq 2 months ago

For playback Yatse does not and should not care where the data is from and always use it's internal data.

So if there's such feature it will always be inside Yatse and not relying on something that only covers 1/5th of the cases :)

So basically you are listening to something or are listing something and there's an instant mix button that just play random content based on genre of selected item ?

#6 Updated by Frederick 2 months ago

Yes thats pretty much it. Let me try to research it a bit more, in case I can find the actual criteria this instant mix thing uses

#7 Updated by Frederick 2 months ago

It seems that the instant mix feature in emby is a bit more complex than I initially thought, and it probably uses more attributes in a 'smart' way to create a playlist than simply 'genre'.
That's all I could find...

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