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Remember location and history across restarts

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Hello! Thanks for such a great app. The pinacle of audio navigation, as far as I know.

I have a couple aggrivations, tho. I have a large collection of full album flacs in a deep directory structure shared to kodi over the network via samba. I can browse to the location via the files menu in yatse, find the album dir and encue all.. great! however, on app restart (upgrade, power cycle, or some other reason), I'm no longer where I left off. Occasionally I may be in the last dir, but when I hit back the large list of directories is reloaded and the scroll is not placed done to the last dir.

A great set of features would be:
- remember the last location (network or otherwise)
- browse and restore last location on restart (when possible, ie if location still exists)
- remember scroll location along with navigation stack
- restore scroll location when popping navigation stack (ie back)

Thanks again for a quality piece of software.


#1 Updated by Tolriq 3 months ago

Well scroll location is saved when doing back if your device have enough memory to keep the activities in memory.

Keeping scrolling position in other cases looks odd on low end devices as the load can take some times. Activity would show then a few seconds later scroll. Not acceptable from my point of view.

Same issue with files positions since those can vary between restart testing if the directory still exist can take a few seconds on low end devices meaning again totally unacceptable UX, not talking about the need to recreate the full backstack to navigate not good again for low end devices or slow Kodi.

But you should really scrape your music inside Kodi and use Yatse music library starting with Kodi 17 you have everything you need and much more to quickly browse / sort and filter your library. Including smart filters and everything.

Also available in: Atom PDF

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