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Path to store offline media

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Good afternoon,
Since I use Yatse as my default audio player on my phone I have the following problem. It is already possible to modify the location to store cache and offline media.
However, all this data is stored in a folder considered "cache" by several cleaning apps (e.g. CCleaner). Therefor when you run CCleaner all offline data will be erased, also my downloaded music.
Is it maybe possible for a future version to seperate those two. A folder for cache data, and the possibility to choose where to store the offline data (e.g. the standard "Music" folder).
Kind regards,


#1 Updated by Tolriq 3 months ago

Most of those tools have settings to ignore selected apps :)

The downloaded data is not usable directly by other apps so putting in Music folder would be a problem.

Main problem to switch the folder is to handle previous users, but I'll see what I can do.

#2 Updated by Stijn 3 months ago

Good afternoon.
Thank you for your (very fast) response.
You're right about ignoring apps. This feature used to be available in older versions of CCleaner. Now it just wipes all or nothing.
The offline data is usuable for GooglePlayMusic since it is mp3, but the name is some "random" digits (on my phone,but maybe not for other brands etc.).
I understand your problem about previous users.
Take your time, you'll probably have enough other things to work on. It's not that it's something urgent.
Kind regards,

#3 Updated by Tolriq 3 months ago

The digits are not random ;) And yes you can read them but without names it's quite unusable ;) Those files are added to Android media store that most audio players do support and that how they are meant to be played if not by Yatse.
Usage by direct file is not really possible.

#4 Updated by Stijn 3 months ago

Good afternoon!
Thank you for the clear explanation.
Kind regards,

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