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Any chance of making an option to backup the library data to the phone?
What I mean is I would like be able to browse my complete library when I am off of my wifi. Including for example all movie titles with metadata like description and all of the artwork.
Basically I'd like a database of my entire library. So say I'm at the store looking at BluRays or CD's and thinking about buying one but can't remember for certain if I have a copy... I can simply look on my Yatse app...

I would like to be able to back this all up locally to the phone as I am a person that does not use any cloud services.

There are plenty of media database apps out there but none of them are any where near as good as they can be... and if you do get one then you have to spend the time of entering 100's or 1000's of movies, tv shows, music etc.
With this feature that is all done automatically when it syncs with Kodi.
I would easily pay another $25 for this feature alone.

On top of that to make it the perfect database app the ability to enter personal notes or data would be great.... as in movies for example. I would like to be able to log the source of my media. Do I own a bluray? DVD? VHS? was it a web download? etc....


#1 Updated by Andy 5 months ago

Ok.... Upon further inspection it looks like I can already do this... Not connected at the moment though. I'll try tomorrow.

#2 Updated by Andy 5 months ago

Or am I mistaken? I decided to try now... but unless I have Kodi running most of the artwork disappears while browsing the library....

#3 Updated by Tolriq 5 months ago

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Well yes everything is cached.

If you want to pre cache images for offline you can do that from settings / Library / Manage cache.

For the source, the best way would be to use Kodi TAGS that are ment for that. Yatse will display them.

#4 Updated by Andy 5 months ago

Well, that is simply awesome... hidden away in the expert features!!
Now will this auto update or will I have to manually do so whenever I add media?
Will this save to my internal storage or SD card?
Thank you for this great app! Def, going to make another donation!

#5 Updated by Tolriq 5 months ago

Most users do not need to prefill GB of data.

New media are automatically added when you browse the categories. To pre fill you always need to do that from settings as automatic would kill battery. (Kodi does not allow proper differential sync to all images have to be checked :(

By default it's internal storage but again advanced settings to move it ;)

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