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Last added music album not show in Yatse

Added by Julien 6 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.



Since the 19 november 2017 , yatse don't update the new album on my media center.
The new album i put on my media center are not show in yatse but the corresponding artist yes.

When i browse Music in Yaste by album by last added the last album was added the 19 november 2017 and since nothing new

When i browse in Yaste by artist i an see the new artist and the new songs but the album is not listed.

I try to uninstall yaste and install an older version (7.8) but it's always the same issue.

debug-musicdb.rar (14.9 MB) Julien, 12/03/2017 11:49 AM


#1 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

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Well if you install an older version and that produce the same result, maybe you can understand that the fault is Kodi ? :)

Yatse displays what Kodi sends, if you start fresh and data is displayed then it's the last data Kodi sends. If sync does not work and error is thrown. So if new artists comes in sync works. So your Kodi have an issue with last added date.

With logs and your mymusicXX.db I could easily proves that ;)

#2 Updated by Julien 6 months ago

Thanks for your reply, i guess that it's not a problem with yatse , because with an older version it doesn't work

But I ask myself if there is not a limit in Yatse for the number of album or something else...
I watch the log (long 43.9 mb) juste for referesh the library, and it appears for all the songs and the artists it's ok (new songs and new artist appears in yastse) but for the new album there is no command in the log "insert album"
The last "insert album" command is since this date 19 november 2017.

Tell me if you want the log , I don't want you to spend so much time on it, thanks for your great support and apps

#3 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

There's no limits in Yatse, as I said if the sync does ends then you have Kodi data shown.

But as also said no logs and no mymusicxx.db nothing more I can tell, I'm not Patrick Jane:)

#4 Updated by Julien 6 months ago

:) <- paint with blood
So there are the log and the music db

#5 Updated by Julien 6 months ago

It seems there is a problem as a "limit" i try to delete some older album and make yaste refresh the library and guess what some new albums i added just appears in yaste and the count of the album is always the same
it seems that i can not add more than 4668 albums on my library (if i delete 10 older albums from my database i can see 10 news)

#6 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

Ho that's because you are using an old bugged version of Kodi :)

If you had many more albums they will show too.

I suggest that you update your Kodi to something a little more recent like 17.6 :)

#7 Updated by Julien 6 months ago

Ok thanks for spending time to solve my problem ! :)

I wouldn't update kodi because i was thinking that this version was good and a little afraid to lost my add-ons settings , but now i have to ...

I update kodi after i tell you if you want if it solve the problem.

#8 Updated by Julien 6 months ago

Ok :) after the update it works fine ! Thanks

#9 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

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