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Play file from NFS share through intent

Added by Francois 7 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.



Here is my use-case. To save bandwidth (which is expensive here), I download all my YouTube subscriptions between midnight at 6am. My script sends me and email with the list of fresh episodes and a link to the path on my NFS share where the files are saved.

I would like to click on these links, and have them queued in Kodi, via Yatse. To confirm, this will all be in File mode in Yatse. The files are not scanned into the library.

It seems at the moment there is not URL supported by Yatse to play a file directly. Please allow this kind of file queueing, e.g. with a nfs://path_to_server/path/to/file.mp4 kind of URL?


#1 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

Sorry but no as nfs is not supported by Yatse. So if your Kodi have no access to those files Yatse should proxy them and it can't.

You need to either serve your files via http(s) or update your script to be direct Kodi json request (But will be broken in Kodi 18 as you can no more use get for JSON :()

#2 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Sorry, I left this part out. The NFS share is mounted in a local directory on my Kodi box. So Yatse can already see the files and I can play them on Kodi by choosing them in Yatse. They appear as regular files on the box.

I'm just looking for a way to send the intent to Yatse that it should play a file at a given location on the Kodi box.

Hope that makes more sense?

#3 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

It was clear but you do understand that you are not the only user of Yatse ? :)

So if Yatse registers nfs links it means it can handle those because Yatse is also a local player, a Chromecast player and many things.

And Yatse does not support nfs so nfs links won't be registered sorry.

There's an API to play files via Yatse see Wiki but not just via simple urls.

#4 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Yes, I should never have mentioned NFS. Forget about the NFS part.

How about a custom URL scheme: for example: yatse://kodiserver/path/to/file ? Then Yatse registers for that intent, and relays the request using proper JSON? This might be useful for other things too.

Just a suggestion.

#5 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

Well as said there's already a complete API.

Im pretty sure that with Tasker and Yatse API you can do what you want.

#6 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Yeah ok, I'll do a workaround. It's just difficult to use the API from links in an email. I'll have to write a proxy page.

#7 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Ah, I wasn't aware of the Yatse API. I thought you were referring to the Kodi API.

Just noticed this:
To show the Files library part

Ok here is a different suggetions/request: Would it be possible to add an optional parameter to allow Yatse to open the specified directory (not play anything) - just to skip the manual actions of drilling down into the directory structure.

yatse://command/browse/files ?path=/media/storage/path/to/my/desired/files/

If the directory does not exist on the Kodi machine, ignore the query string and treat as normal.

If you can do that, then I can do the other stuff on my own.

#8 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

Nope sorry as Yatse needs the full path history when browsing.

But if all is in the same folder, why not use a favorite that point to that folder so you can start it from a widget and order date desc ?

#9 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Unfortunately it's not all in the same folder. Ok, but keep in the back of your head for maybe a future enhancement, please.

#10 Updated by Francois 6 months ago

Ok, I created HTML anchors in my email with href like this:,%22id%22:%221%22,%22method%22:%22Player.Open%22,%22params%22:%7B%22item%22:%7B%22file%22:%22/media/pool/YouTube/Francois/SciShow/20170910--Japan_s_Ominous_Dancing_Cats_and_the_Disaster_That_Followed--0Yhaei1S5oQ.mp4%22%7D%7D%7D

I realise this will stop working when GET requests aren't supported anymore.

But if I'm currently streaming from my Kodi box to Yatse on my phone, is there any such way to start the playback on my phone, not on the Kodi box itself?

#11 Updated by Tolriq 6 months ago

http://ip:port/vfs/ urlencoded path

Not sure to work in future versions of Kodi but should work for now.

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