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Gray transition for images

Added by Ya 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.



Updated to the latest beta (7.8.5B2/210493/beta) some minutes ago and noticed that all newly loaded images are first black/white and get colored after some miliseconds. After an image was displayed it is (faster) in color the next time it gets shown.

Is this behaviour intended? Can it be turned off?!1ct0kCpY!Zz1tZUnLcOCpF2WZw4Yx7CotHAGz5hHgbyQ41gysbWg
This leads to a video which shows the behaviour.

vlcsnap-error380.png View (780 KB) Ya, 08/28/2017 08:17 PM

vlcsnap-error415.png View (375 KB) Ya, 08/28/2017 08:17 PM

vlcsnap-error703.png View (1.61 MB) Ya, 08/28/2017 08:18 PM



#1 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

Well this transition exist already in 7.8.0 in production. And no it's can't be turned off.

What's the problem ?

#2 Updated by Ya 8 months ago

Just don't like it. And if it fades faster after an image was already shown is a bit strange.
Is there are technical reason for the transition or is it just design?

#3 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

Actually it's not faster, it's a mind trick.

And it's for design and usability, as images that just pops are awful.

#4 Updated by Ya 8 months ago


Alright, don't know why I haven't noticed this sooner. Thought it was added in the last beta version.

I can't help but there is not always transition here. Thats not just a mind trick:!1dEynajJ!NPWOtM1qIzafpwdVryGWKLmkOORreQ7mX1uzqFJHcVM

Just to make it clear, I'm not talking about the fading of vlcsnap-error415.png on the left side. I talk about the images from vlcsnap-error380.png getting "slowly" colored until vlcsnap-error703.png.

#5 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

Ho yes if the images are already loaded in memory then they are displayed before you see them, so there's no transition.

But each time there's a transition it's the exact same one. Always been like that. Even before when it's was only a fade that looked less good.

#6 Updated by Ya 8 months ago

Ok, sorry to bother you. ;-) Keep up the good work!
Can be closed.

#7 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

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No problem I prefer issues about non problems than major things broken and no one to report :)

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