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Added by jouke 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.



First of all a big thank you for this great piece of software.
I would love tot be able to download the song playing tot my phone directly instead of having tot search for it and chance it's off line status.
I don't know if this is possible but a "download now playing" button would be brilliant.


#1 Updated by Tolriq 7 months ago

Not that easy as you can be playing virtually anything, including media from addons that would fails at download or would not be playable after from Yatse.

#2 Updated by jouke 7 months ago

I see. Would it be possible to jump to the song if it is in the library (a bit like going to album info ?)
The song not playable on yatse is not really an issue (for me :-) ), what I would like is to fetch a song I'm listening to on my kodi box to my phone.


#3 Updated by jouke 7 months ago

On second thoughts I have another question ... if the fact that you can play virtually anything makes this difficult, why is it possible to download the complete album of a playing song through 'album info' but not the song playing ?


#4 Updated by Tolriq 7 months ago

Because if Kodi give an album id, I try to display it. If it's the wrong one due to Kodi changing id the impact is not very important.

For download if the id is wrong, you'll download the wrong thing and won't be able to access it and Yatse will have an hard time fixing that.

If Kodi had fixed ids all would be a lot simpler, but nothing is simple with Kodi :)

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