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unable to clean library

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For begin sorry for my bad english i am french.

I have found a bug, it's impossible for me to clean the library in yatse. In kody krypton no problem if i delete a series and clean the library, the media is deleted. But in yatse, the series is not delete even if reload the library with long press in series menu. The series become embty but he is not delete (cf screenshot).

Je me permet de le mettre en français ^ si jamais tu es un partisans de la langue de Molière.

Donc j'ai trouvé un bug, il m'est impossible de nettoyer la médiathèque de yatse. Sur mon kody krypton j'ai aucun soucis, je supprime la vidéo de mes dossier je nettoie la médiathèque et elle disparait bien de kody. Pourtant dans yatse une fois la série supprimé de kody même si j'actualise elle restera affiché, elle sera présenté comme vide avec aucun épisode mais elle reste bien affiché. Pour faire plus simple mon kody me comptabilise 219 séries alors que yatse en comptabilise 222 (il y en a 3 qu'il refuse d'oublié).

Voila j'éspère avoir était clair et sinon super appli.

Screenshot_2017-08-19-16-45-03.png View (1.34 MB) Richard, 08/19/2017 04:59 PM (4.16 MB) Richard, 08/19/2017 05:04 PM

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#1 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

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Well this is not a Yatse bug but a Kodi "feature"

As the logs shows:
2017-08-19 16:47:46.110 Verbose/KodiStreamParsers: [email protected]: Insert TvShow: Overlord

Kodi says to Yatse that the show is still here.

IIRC Kodi now have a settings somewhere to keep empty shows but hide them. You need to find it and revert it :)

#2 Updated by Richard 8 months ago

Thanks, i found the option and it's work.

#3 Updated by Tolriq 8 months ago

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For the record for others can you give the location of the settings?

#4 Updated by Richard 8 months ago


yes no problem :

In french : Système > Médias > Vidéos > Afficher les séries TV vides

In English : System > Media > Videos > Show empty TV shows (Cf screenshot)

#5 Updated by st. 7 months ago

Just stumbled upon this "feature" of Kodi. But is it possible to add this Feature to YATSE? Maybe use Kodis settings? So if empty TV Shows are hidden in Kodi, YATSE hides them as well?

Thx 4 F1.


#6 Updated by Tolriq 7 months ago

Well not really, all those settings changes between Kodi version or does weird things whenever they wants.

Yatse should not be impacted by Kodi settings, if you want the empty shows to be removed from Kodi then they should be removed. (I do not even understand the purpose of this settings and it's side effect is quite weird).

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