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Hi, I bought the app and went to stream an app I have to the tv, but cancelled the process half way through. Now the stream button won't show?


#1 Updated by Tolriq 10 months ago

Well stream button is always displayed so I have no idea what you are talking about.

You"ll need to add way more details / screenshots and eventually logs.

#2 Updated by M 10 months ago

Sorry I'll try to explain a little better.

I want to cast my NFL app to my kodi setup. The app has the ability to cast and when I first booted it up after installing Yaste, the button was there. After pressing it I cancelled the process as it was requesting a pin (Which I did not know).

Now when I boot that app (or any other) there is no cast/share/stream button. It's like I have 1 chance and now I can't get it to show again.

#3 Updated by Tolriq 10 months ago

Well Yatse have 0 control on external apps.

So unfortunately buttons visible or not visible in other apps are problems with the other apps, sorry that I can't really help more.

#4 Updated by Tolriq 9 months ago

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