Tasker + Yatse Remote

Added by Joel 17 days ago

Hi All,

I'm trying to use Tasker with Yatse (with unlocker). Found this tutorial:

Set everything up, double and triple checked, and when I use Google Now and use my trigger word ("KodI") Tasker is catching it and saying it's trying to send it but then nothing happens on my media center. Log attached (simple command, "Ok Google, Kodi Play"). Looking at the log it appears like commands aren't being forwarded to Yatse but I'm not sure why (I've read the documentation for the Yatse API and it appears like the tutorial is accurate).

Any help appreciated.

debug.log View (116 KB)

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RE: Tasker + Yatse Remote - Added by Joel 17 days ago

Just for more information. I just setup voice commands to turn on/off my lights and they work fine so it must be something between tasker and yatse API.

RE: Tasker + Yatse Remote - Added by Tolriq 17 days ago

Well all I can say is that Yatse does not receive the commands so you are doing it wrong on Tasker side ;)

Yatse now have a plugin to makes things easier

And a proper doc to integrate voice commands.

Unfortunately for Tasker issues tasker forums are a better place.

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