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Added by Arash 21 days ago

Hi, first of all, love love love Yatse! But one thing that's been bugging me for a while and I can't figure out if its something in my settings something in Kodi, a change to Yatse or a change in Android.

If I play something on Kodi without going into the app I'm pretty sure it used to show in the widget automatically. I'd also get the fanart background and player controls on the notification area.

Now to get these things, I have to first go into Yatse before it checks to see if content is being played.

Does anyone know if there's a way to make this behavior automatic again?

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RE: Change of behavior - Added by Tolriq 21 days ago

You need to check your settings :) But without more info it's hard to say anything.

RE: Change of behavior - Added by Arash 21 days ago

Thanks, I played around in settings and reinstalled the app. Send to be working fine now except when I stop playing it doesn't revert back to the previous wallpaper. Instead it shows this one which I can't even see in the wallpaper app so not sure where it's coming from. My wallpaper is just a photo (I've tried several) not a live photo.

In settings I've tried toggling Clear Wallpaper. No Wallpaper Restore is off

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