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Added by Max 3 months ago

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to start kodi minimized? I'm using it as a server on my desktop.
If someone in my family wants to use kodi only as a media server for chromecast for exemple. Is there a way to start Kodi on my desktop from Yatse BUT minimized. I don't want to have Kobi opening full screen when I study or play video games. I already set up the Wake on Lan.
Also, is the Wake on Lan included in the pro version? Because I can't make it to work. It works to open Kodi, but not my computer when powered off. However it works with another WoL app on my phone.

Thanks for the help,

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RE: Start Yatse Minimized - Added by Tolriq 3 months ago

Wol is not tied to paid and works most of the time but without details hard to tell what you are missing.

For Kodi I'm not aware but maybe there's some switch to add for that or settings in advanced settings but Kodi forum is a better place as they should know better.

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