Is Yatse the app i need to buy?

Added by Patrick 4 months ago

Hello , i'm looking for an app that gives me a castbutton in kodi that comes up when i play a movie in kodi or is always present in kodi.
I'm willing to pay for it but i need to be sure because i don't wanna buy anything that doesn't have that functionality in it.
I'm using a android samsung tablet and chromecast.
Hope your app is the one.
Greetings from dare

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RE: Is Yatse the app i need to buy? - Added by Tolriq 4 months ago

What you want does not exist and can't exist :)

Apps can't modify other apps, so no apps will add cast button inside Kodi.

You should probably better define your needs to find a suitable product, Yatse can stream media from Kodi to Chromecast or from your local device / Plex and Emby.

But there's no transcoding and no support for all the dodgy addons.

Yatse have a special way when Yatse and Kodi are on the same device to allow streaming to Kodi from Yatse but again no transcoding ;) (But better support for addons)

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