Got some bug report and feature requests

Added by Cynwrig 10 months ago

Hey Tolriq,

As first I really like the app and all its features.
I have two little bugs and would like to do some feature requests.

First bug is that I am missing a remote background when playing movies or tv shows. Instead I get a big icon background.

Second bug I got is that when I click play for movies and TV shows nothing happens on screen. This probably has to do with plexbmc.

Third, I am not sure if this is a bug or not. I would like to have the remote over the lock screen like with Kore. Instead it is a notification with a play and forward button.

Some feature requests I think would be nice.

  • using the touch pad as mouse input so I can use yatse for my external apps linked to kodi.

  • atm when changing shortcuts on remote you can only change sound buttons and above. Would be nice to be able to replace the ones below as well. Like the keyboard button, space button and the i with circle.

Ultimately but this is probably to much of a project and I don't expect this to happen anywhere in the future. Adding infra red support for devices so that it becomes a true universal remote.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Got some bug report and feature requests - Added by Tolriq 10 months ago

For "issues" open issues ;) But i guess this is plugins errors / configuration.

For the request, well the only possible would be changing more shortcut, please open an feature request for that also on tracker ;)

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