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I want to translate Yaste to Hebrew.
I have a question about some strings.
Is there an e-mail for support?

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Another thing, Until now I translated about 30% of the stings in
I saw a note in one the strings, that I should start translating in
What is the right address? What about the translations I did so far in

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RE: Translation - Added by Tolriq 7 months ago


I did migrate them on the new site do not worry, I waited for you to make a break before :)
But since previous site was broken and notification did not work so I can warn you, I put that string :)

You can contact from play store description for example or in the application contact button in help section, I try to not put mails without anti spiders to limit spam a little.

But on new site, if you have questions about context it's better to ask directly on the site so the answer can serve every translators.

And to finish thanks for completing this language, I have quite a few Hebrew users, but lost the translator :(

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