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Added by azertyuiop 7 months ago


Since I changed my Kodi installation (I didn't notice immediately, but I suppose it's related), from a raspberry to a windows install, I don't have the links to launch the movies trailers in Yatse.
The option is not present in menus, and the thumb do not appear on the movie screen.

Did I miss to configure something ? Is it on Kodi's end ? What Yatse is looking for to determine the trailer ? I searched on Yatse and on Kodi but didn't find a clue.

I have the latest Kodi, with a youtube plugin.

Thanks for the amazing work.

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RE: Trailer not available - Added by Tolriq 7 months ago

All Kodi side.

Long time since I last reset a Kodi config but I think there's an option in the scrapers to fetch trailers or not.

RE: Trailer not available - Added by azertyuiop 7 months ago

Thanks for your answer, that's great to know.
I found indeed an option in the scraper (TMDb here).

For the record, note that in order to update existing items you'll have to force a refresh per-movie in Kodi or reset the source entirely.
A database scan will not add the missing informations.

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