Full featured Kodi / XBMC Remote with Widgets for Android

Enjoy a full featured media center remote on Android.

More screenshots of Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote for Android

Yatse is the most complete and stable XBMC / Kodi remote available in Play Store and the best rated one.
Reinvent your media center usages with complete library and file mode support, beautiful widgets, streaming functions and internal audio player all optimized for phones and tablets.

Main functions

★ Offline library synchronization. List your XBMC / Kodi medias everywhere.
★ Voice Commands : Give orders in natural language sentences.
★ Offline Media* : Download your media to your device for offline playing.
★ Offline library: List your XBMC / Kodi library everywhere.
★ Internal Audio Player* : Listen to your music on your Android device (Online and Offline).
★ Modern and intuitive Holo interface.
★ Support Multiple XBMC / Kodi installations (and centralized Mysql database).
★ XBMC Starter for Windows: Start XBMC / Kodi directly from your remote.
★ Streaming support* : Stream your media to your Android devices or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices
★ Completely configurable to make Yatse fill all your needs.


Fulfill all your needs

✔ Support all XBMC / Kodi media (Movies / Sets / Tags / Music / TV Shows / Music Videos / Pictures).
✔ Support for playlists and files listing (XBMC / Kodi Sources / Addons).
✔ Full support for Media Player Classic (MPC or MPC-HC) as an external player.
✔ Quickly find your media with complete search. Includes a global search.
✔ Sort and filter your media as you need.
✔ Detailed now playing views with direct selection of Subtitles or Audio streams.
✔ Cast support* : Stream your android media to XBMC / Kodi or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices
✔ PVR support.
✔ Wake on Lan support.
✔ Send media to XBMC / Kodi from YouTube or Browser. (Support XBMC / Kodi YouTube, Justin.tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion plugins)
✔ IMDB button when available to get more details on media.
✔ Support resuming of media.

Optimized for everyone

✔ Support all XBMC / Kodi remote commands from an optimized view or widgets.
✔ Support Android Lockscreen controls (ICS and up).
✔ Support Android from 4.0 (Ics) to 5.1 (Lollipop).
✔ Optimized for speed even on older phones.
✔ Optimized for very low battery usage..

Highly configurable

✔ Integrate a DashClock Extension.
✔ Support themes*.
✔ Integrate a Muzei Extension.
✔ Optimized for phones and tablets with multiple configurable views.
✔ Show Android notifications for currently playing media.
✔ Provide plugins for additional features, like pause on Call, forward notification to your media center, control without touching the phone, ...
✔ Support TV Shows posters and banners.
✔ Cloud Save* : Keep your hosts and settings across devices.
✔ Change your current Wallpaper to the currently playing media Fanart / Posters.
✔ Translated in multiple languages.And much more, just install and try.


Yatse means : Yet Another Touch Screen Experiment.

You can download the last version of XBMC / Kodi from : http://www.xbmc.org/
XBMC / Kodi require some configuration to allow remote access. Please check the Wiki for detailed instructions.
Only support XBMC / Kodi starting from Frodo (http://xbmc.org/) (Full support of XBMC 12 Frodo / 13 Gotham and Kodi 14)

Please use the issue tracker to report problems with details (Android version, problem, phone model, ...)

If you like this project and use it every day please remember to buy the unlocker.
This will help for further development and paying the server.

Download Yatse, the XBMC / Kodi Remote for Android

This free version does not contains ads. But some advanced functions (noted with an *) requires the Unlocker to be used.
Please consider buying the Unlocker if you want to support the continued development of this application.


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